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We create communication to the unique Kolín Smart Keychain project, which is the result of successful cooperation of cities and partners of Smart Cities concept and held the primacy of such projects in whole Europe. At present, the project is a holder of the IDC IoT Award – Customer Experience in Development, and is also the winner of the 20th year of the Golden Coat of arms in the Smart City category and the best electronic service.

Kolín Smart Keychain was launched as a pilot service in September 2017 for students of 6th Elementary School in Kolín city, it’s used as electronic key for school locks, student ID, public transport ticket and it can also be activated as a prepaid card. Kolín Smart Keychain was extended to all elementary schools in Kolín city on September 2018 and more functions are planned to join functionality of this special device.

The goal of the project is also to develop education in the area of financial literacy. Edhance prepared in cooperation with Keychain project digital educational materials also known as Money under control.

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